We are Evention Labs.

A creative, events, and marketing agency for the businesses of tomorrow.

The international population, both students and expats, are an often overlooked market segment in the Netherlands, so we empower small businesses to reach this rapidly growing market segment. We always challenge old ways of doing things, and use our experience and expertise to create new ideas and experiences.

Who we are.

We are a young company with a global mind-set. We come from different parts of the world (Nigeria, UK, Oman), with one goal in common, which arose out of our own personal needs: To connect local businesses in The Netherlands with internationals, helping internationals to adjust easily to life in The Netherlands, and ultimately enrich their stay here.






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We help you in formulating your business goals, creating performance indicators, and coming up with a plan of action to achieve them. We decide, together with you, what combination of marketing strategies and events you need to reach your target audience


We have experience in what works for reaching internationals, and would like to apply this know-how to your unique challenges! We have in-house capabilities to create websites, mobile apps, email and social media campaigns, and physical promotion materials


Events are what we do! They enable the customer to discover your business in a way that will keep them coming back to you. At our core, we believe that the best method of promotion is to enable the customer to experience first-hand what you have to offer


A marketing campaign and materials, without a good design, is like going fishing without bait. We work with the best designers we can find, who themselves are within the target group. Who better to make designs that will captivate and attract internationals, than internationals themselves

How we work.

1 Before our journey begins, we like to get to know our customers, in order to learn their business, and understand their problems. Only then can we come up with an effective plan of action.

2 Once we agree on the scope and deliverables of your project, we will get to work, walking hand in hand with you throughout the process, and giving you constant updates.

3 Our work does not end when we hand over the project to you. We believe in continuing to nurture a close relationship with our past clients, in order to continue to learn from each other.